Barbie xu partner

Vic was said to have broken up with Beatrice because of Barbie, but the breakdown of his relationship with Barbie was attributed to Beatrice’s untimely death. Vic Chou and Beatrice Hsu. Vic Chou and Barbie Hsu. ... He also sees Reen as a suitable marriage partner for him in the very near future. 上领英,在全球领先职业社交平台查看Barbie Xu的职业档案。Barbie的职业档案列出了 2 个职位。查看Barbie的完整档案,结识职场人脉和查看相似公司的职位。 Barbie, in full Barbara Millicent Roberts, an 11-inch- (29-cm-) tall plastic doll with the figure of an adult woman that was introduced on March 9, 1959, by Mattel, Inc., a southern California toy company. Ruth Handler, who cofounded Mattel with her husband, Elliot, spearheaded the introduction of the doll.Barbie’s physical appearance was modeled on the German Bild Lilli doll, a risqué gag ... MANILA, Philippines – The AlDub phenomenon has gone international. “Eat Bulaga” fans went into frenzy when “Meteor Garden” star Barbie Xu on Monday took to Twitter to ask her more than ... Dinibdib ng marami ang breakup ng mga karakter nina 'Ch'chay' at 'Joaquin' sa 'Got to Believe.' Kasama sa nag-react dito ay si Barbie Xu ng 'Meteor Garden.' The lighting engagement and marriage between Barbie Xu and Wang Xiao Fei once again grabbed tabloid headlines . This time, the focus fell on Ady An Yi Xuan, who had originally introduced Barbie and Xiao Fei at her October birthday party.Although rumored to be Barbie’s Maid of Honor in the upcoming wedding, a disheveled Ady angrily addressed Barbie in a television interview. Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse - The Shrinkerator New Episodes 2014 part 1/2 Barbie Xu and entrepreneur, Wang Xiao Fei, got married after meeting for only forty-nine days!The couple met at Ady An Yi Xuan’s birthday party on September 29 th.On October 22 nd, Barbie and Xiao Fei got engaged after only four dates!. Twenty-five days later, Barbie and Xiao Fei obtained their marriage certificate in the Beijing ’s Chaoyang District. Relationships. Barbie Hsu has been in a relationship with Vic Chou (2005 - 2008).. About. Barbie Hsu is a 43 year old Taiwanese Actress. Born Xu Xiyuan on 6th October, 1976 in Taipei, Taiwan, she is famous for ASOS, Meteor Garden in a career that spans 1994–present. Barbie Hsu - Barbie started out with her sister as a girl band called ASOS in Taiwan. They became popular because of their funny and daring attitudes. Afterwards, they both hosted 100% entertainment (Yu Le Bai Fen Bai) for more than 8 years; the show

Our New Year's tradition is to watch a movie set in the new year. Here is a list of movies set in 2020.

2019.12.30 01:58 yeroc1016 Our New Year's tradition is to watch a movie set in the new year. Here is a list of movies set in 2020.

Annihilation Earth (2009) 3.2/10 (US)
Two scientists must save the planet when terrorists destroy a supercollider.
Black Butler (2014) 6.2/10 (JPN)
After her supposed death, a young woman returns as the son of her noble family to precede the family's prestigious company, with a demon at her side to avenge her parent's murder.
Brexit: The Uncivil War (2019) 7.0/10 (UK)
Political strategist Dominic Cummings leads a popular but controversial campaign to convince British voters to leave the European Union from 2015 up until the present day.
Code Name Phoenix (2000) 4.6/10 (US)
A Hong Kong martial artist joins forces with a U.S. marshal in 2020 to stop the release of a virus that halts the aging process.
Domino (2019) 4.4/10 (US)
A Copenhagen police officer seeks justice for his partner's murder by a mysterious man.
Droid (1988) (US)
just read the wiki. this one might be my top choice.
Edge of Tomorrow (2014) 7.9/10 (US)
A soldier fighting aliens gets to relive the same day over and over again, the day restarting every time he dies.
Future X-Cop (2010) 3.4/10 (HK)
A cop travels back in time to take on a corporation that's out to eliminate a doctor who has created a new technology which can break up the monopoly on a energy resources.
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018) 6.3/10 (US)
Count Dracula and company participate in a cruise for sea-loving monsters, unaware that their boat is being commandeered by the monster-hating Van Helsing family.
In Search of Fellini (2017) 6.2/10 (US)
A shy small-town Ohio girl who loves movies but dislikes reality, discovers the delightfully bizarre films of Federico Fellini, and sets off on a strange, beautiful journey across Italy to find him.
Jil Jung Juk (2016) 6.8/10 (IN)
In 2020, three guys get into trouble, while smuggling cocaine.
Mission to Mars (2000) 5.7/10 (US)
When the first manned mission to Mars meets with a catastrophic and mysterious disaster after reporting an unidentified structure, a rescue mission is launched to investigate the tragedy and bring back any survivors.
Napping Princess (2017) 6.3/10 (JPN)
In the near future, a high school senior discovers that events in her waking life begin to parallel events in her dreams.
Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys (2004) 6.1/10 (JPN)
A comet bearing a deadly Pokemon creature crash-lands onto Earth, terrorising a nearby high-tech city, where Ash, Pikachu and friends are currently visiting...
A Quiet Place (2018) 7.5/10 (US)
In a post-apocalyptic world, a family is forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing.
Real Steel (2011) 7.1/10 (US)
In the near future, robot boxing is a top sport. A struggling ex-boxer feels he's found a champion in a discarded robot.
Reign of Fire (2002) 6.2/10 (US)
A brood of fire-breathing dragons emerges from the earth and begins setting everything ablaze, establishing dominance over the planet.
Stranded (2001) 5.4/10 (ES)
1st Mars mission crash lands, kills the captain and 5 survive. Help from Earth will take 2+ years. Food and electricity (recycling oxygen and water) shortage means only 2 can survive. The other 3 leave and have their last hours recorded.
Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) 6.5/10 (US)
An augmented human and Sarah Connor must stop an advanced liquid Terminator, from hunting down a young girl, whose fate is critical to the human race.
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (1965) 3.8/10 (USSUS)
In 2020, after the colonization of the moon, the spaceships Vega, Sirius and Capella are launched from Lunar Station 7 [...].
At least watch the trailer for this one.
Yesterday (2002) 5.0/10 (KR)
1990, A number of children suddenly disappear. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense selects an elite group of scientists for a top-secret mission. Then, 30 years later, the year is 2020 on a reunified Korean Peninsula [...]
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2019.11.10 00:08 fewfiet [Saturday Social Media Summary Extravaganza] 9 November 2019

Hi! Welcome!
My life outside reddit has interfered once again with me preparing this by earlier this morning, and for that I apologise. I hope the timing won't result in the underwhelming response like last week's edition received.. This week I was fortunate to have fantastic submissions by u/BegoniaInBloom, who has been a consistent high quality contributor! Please consider submitting whatever you find of interest for next week's edition. Let's build this together! And without further ado, please enjoy this week's edition of the SSMSE!
Last week we turned a spotlight on Wout Van Aert, but this week some of our past protagonists returned to sharing their recovery with us such as Luka Mezgec who’s gym experience was pretty much exactly how I imagine most gym sessions going: alone and spending most of your time on instagram. Chris Froome also returned to the hospital to shed some of the extra gear he’s picked up since his accident.
Mike Woods was coming dangerously close to some triathlon training a couple of nights ago.. Between him and the recovering Luka Mezgec they’re on the way to winning some Ironmans! Maybe Mike didn’t want to reveal his training secrets which is why this story was deleted or maybe he was just embarrassed at the music he purchased.
This week I was able to confirm Tadej Pogačar and Urška Žigart’s relationship!
Similar to my speculation about Groenewegen’s alternative training last week (and it looks like I wasn’t so far off base even though the motion of the ocean didn’t seem to agree with his partner, Nine), it seems like Florian Senechal may be engaging in some indoor training just after his wedding (for a more complete album see his full post here or Philippe Gilbert’s own album of the wedding. Speaking of his wedding, some of his DQS mates were in attendance, although isn’t this tampering? Then Florian went on a honeymoon.. And that ubiquitous tortoise is back again!
Steven Kruijswijk got married too… two years ago! And since he doesn’t have to waste time on a honeymoon this offseason he can focus on other challenges even if he has no chance it was a nice try though.
If wedding season is checked off does that mean Senechal's was the last one or does that mean we're in it now?
There are tons and tons of other cyclists who went off-roading this past week including:
Dayer Quintana might [need] some work on his off-roading skills after completely missing the path.
Geraint Thomas let a few xenephobic grams drop this past week. I exaggerate! It was just good bants.
Max Walsheid got some free moto pacing while out on a ride, although really it should be free for everyone for a while after Nils Eekhoff overpaid at Yorkshire..
Some riders however resorted to indoor training. Such as Alexander Kristoff who bucks the trend and doesn’t bother with Zwift. Or Demi Vollering who left her team kit discarded on the floor, perhaps she’s as disgruntled like Wiebes? Wait, is that Geraint??
Weekly Demi Vollering’s dog pictures section:
Chloe Hosking was prepping for the pre season and also shared a photo of some other dogs.
Elena Cecchini posted a few of Attilaee this past week, who also has her own Instagram, if you care to check it out.
Giulio Ciccone posted a human in dog costume. And I really don’t know if this is his dog or Trek Bicycle’s dog, but it sure poses well for a picture!
Emilia Fahlin, also shared a cute pup, although Rocky isn’t her dog.
Manuel Belletti and his cat snuggled up while watching a movie.
Daily and Family Life
Mathieu van der Poel was in a rather empty, sterile but somehow still luxurious hotel room in London, after being unable to wait for… something? A car? A pile of tires? Maybe he just couldn’t wait to find the person who stole his rain jacket and glasses but not sure what that would have to do with a car and 200+ tires. He also gave his partner, Roxanne, a gift, although I might question whether she looks especially happy in that picture.
Find the error. I hope WVA’s wife was better at this than I was.. Maybe the empty plate on the middle shelf? The knife on the plate? Maybe it’s driving with your legs while ‘grammin and drinking a Red Bull… or this butcher’s decision to carry 160kg of meat like that? Also, is this the first time someone actually used the sweat droplets emoji to mean sweat droplets or… what happened that day?? Maybe he got a bit too excited about the first Jumbo in Belgium?
Sacha Modolo certainly seems more focused on being a loving caring father than finding a team for next year..
And Marta Bastianelli also a doting parent, spent some time doing some family chores of her own.
I’m a little bit concerned by Lizzie Deignan’s commentary on seatbelt usage, especially as concerns her children. Please everyone, buckle up, and wear a helmet. Seriously, these things aren’t pointless they save lives.
Pauline Ferrand-Prevot tried her hand at cooking some breakfast, but she should probably stop cooking. Maybe Emilia Fahlin can fill the gap, at least she has a nice looking spread for Saturdays.
Giro de Rigo
So, one of these is not like the others (and I don’t mean Uran and his cut off denim shorts, although that is also unique!), but he seemed to enjoy it and they enjoyed having him! And Ivan wasn’t the only former rider taking part in international sporting events as David Millar finished the NYC Marathon in under 3:00, pretty incredible.
I guess it is still a post-Tour promotional race but it seems kind of odd to see Egan Bernal lining up in yellow for the Giro de Rigo. And to whoever is on the right (Rigoberto?? It couldn’t be!).. I just can’t fathom how that outfit seemed like a good idea. But maybe I just don’t understand fashion apparently, which is why I didn’t vote on Robert Gesink’s style poll nor will I comment on Tobias Ludvigsson’s new purchase.
At the Giro de Rigo, Sergio Higuita gave a better impression of Esteban Chaves’s smile than Estaban did himself.
The kids sure played a lot of video games together..
And even if Fernando Gaviria was left out he doesn’t seem to mind.
Vacations… when does the offseason end again?
Simone Velasco was on the beach. And took some selfies and .
Giovanni Lonardi was on the beach.
Marco Canola was by the pool.
Marco Canola was also at the beach on Tenerife, but he’s gone now. I wonder if he saw Elena Pirrone and friends before leaving.
Wout Poels went back to work, or he’s going soon. But #whereiswoutgoing?
Ok, so… apparently Giovanni Lonardi and friends spent another full week at the beach so here’s another (shorter) run-down of their activities:
He wasn’t the only Italian to share an abundance of vacation photos this past week as Letizia Paternoster finally made it to the beach, with close friends including Lisa Favale, Daniel Oss, and more. Although sadly it looks like they flew in coach, or at best economy plus. I guess not all cyclists are as lucky as Niki Terpstra who was on his way to Dubai for some fun in the sun. While in Zanzibar they drank out of coconuts at the side of the pool and on the less glamorous side had some underwhelming facilities.
Andrea Vendrame was also in Zanzibar although seems to have fewer friends with him, at least fewer human friends. Although at least he found the tortoise!
And Pascal Ackermann also drank from a coconut (more than once) and saw a turtle! There really are limited beach activities I guess.
Dylan Groenewegen was still on vacation in paradise, although it appears as if Mike Teunissen, and perhaps his partner, joined them.
If Mike Teunissen is trying to imply he wasn’t sporting a rocking beach bod then maybe his standards are a bit too high, I’ll send him a few pictures from my next vacation to show him it could always be worse.
Giovanni Visconti didn’t just take a beach vacation but met a few new friends! Visconti to Jumbo-Visma confirmed?
Mavi Garcia seems to have finished off her tropical vacation this past week, or else she just stopped posting pictures..
Vincenzo Nibali went to the Maldives and was looking much more like a dad on vacation than most of our other beach goers this week.
John Degenkolb seemed content with his views (I think I would have been too) and his underwater adventures. And Sonny Colbrelli might want to show a bit more concern with his! I wonder if he and Enrico Gasparotto met up with papa Vincenzo while in the Maldives?
Tao Geoghegan Hart was also still on vacation and could have blended in with any of us on this bike path (shouldn’t he be wearing his team kit?), and on the beach with who I assume is Hannah Barnes. But it looks like it’s back to the grind for him.
Eider Merino was at the beach too although it was much less tropical.
Greg Van Avermaet went on vacation with his growing family and discovered a beautiful part of the world with his little one.
Near the end of his holidays Nicholas Roche saw some swimming pigs, potentially Cesare Benedetti and a friend, although he was also recently in Krakow so maybe not.
Dan Martin went on an innocent vacation to Disney World with his family although I suspect he knew exactly what he was implying with this “innocent” Instastory.
Gianluca Brambilla had a rather boozy Sunday, got a tattoo and… climbed Mt Everest?? What a week!
Chloe Dygert Q&A
Plans for the offseason?
Who’s the coolest American rider?
Why do you change in the straight not the bend?
Plans for 2020? Europe?
Who is your favorite Belgian rider… current or past?
For what is used the trash besides you in rollers?
Are you Michael Jackson?
What gear ratios do you like to use on the road?
How many barbies do you have?
Any tips for 20 minute ftp tests?
And it looks like she did end up moving to Boise!
Odds & Ends
Primoz Roglic was dreaming of his next regatta and perhaps inspired by how cool Mark Cavendish’s kid was last week shared how badass his own child is.
Hello sunglasses sponsors! Someone please send Sergio Higuita some bigger shades to protect his poor eyes! And Fausto Masnada too! It was his birthday this past week.. At least consider a gift.
He might be the most popular rider in the peloton, but Fausto Masnada could only watch (and instagram) as this little joy ran away from him without the snack.
After witnessing rioting a few weeks ago George Bennett saw another burning vehicle this week, I can almost feel the heat and I wasn’t even there..
This year Alberto Bettiol not only conquered a monument but also Ikea.
Ben Swift tried to take in a new sport but was left mostly confused.
Onur Balkan posts a lot of coffee and tea pics.. Enough that I might have to start keeping better track.
Gianni Moscon knows it’s all about wheels, maybe taking tips from Mark Cavendish, although Cav’s picture is definitely more artistic.
I guess it’s great that Lex Albrecht loves riding her bike, given that it’s kind of her job.
Sepp and Carlos spent a lot of time together and maybe made some bad decisions. Just a regular day as part of The Squad. I imagine Luke Rowe’s crew parties a bit differently..
Alexey Vermeulen may not have succeeded in the WT peloton, but he did succeed in winning fellow Michigander Larry Warbasse’s heart although it looks as if he may be split between Alexey and Stan’s Donuts.
Georgia Williams… we’ve been over this.. golf was a few weeks ago.
It was Fausto Masnada’s birthday this past week (but you all already knew that) and even if the only pro rider I noticed sending him well wishes was Simone Consonni, Biotex Underwear sure seemed excited.. Like a bit too excited. But disappointingly, no underwear pics have emerged.. Just tons and tons and tons of boring pics.
Breaking news: Pascal Ackermann was a child once!
I must admit that I don’t really understand.
Even if pelotonmemes didn’t appreciate my memeing this past week at least Puck Moonen understood as she too joined in the oversharing of the “Cyclist(™) Checklist” video.
Davide Cimolai seems to be securely back with friends these days, although they seem to value his cycling accomplishments a bit lower than his Serie A allegiances (at least Inter is doing better than Sacha Modolo’s Milan. And after trying his hand at being a barrista among other recent endeavours appears to have found another hobby engraving little gears? Maybe he could offer Robert Gesink some support depending on what his problem actually was. And after a morning workout Cimolai also got in on the “Italians taking first person perspective pictures of their legs” trend, although he sadly wasn’t at the beach.
Marta Bastianelli was honored by the sport section of the police force in Abruzzo with food and drink, including a bottle of wine with her own picture on it.
This poor guy didn’t find the right answer. Anyone have an idea? OHHHHHhhhhhh… it’s Elia Viviani!
Robert Gesink has a bit of advice for Peter Stetina regarding what counts as gravel riding. I’m sure Peter will take it into consideration.
Bling Matthews got some motorcycling kit but I don’t really understand why one picture is reversed if they are both selfies with the same mirror setup.
So I was concerned that Sergio Higuita may not have made his group ride today after he woke up far too early Friday and arrived at the airport before 6:00am only to have his flight cancelled. But he made it in the end!
Luke Rowe also decided to keep it classy this week and if you check the comments you’ll see that Richie Porte was a big fan of the Mini parked on the left!
Pete Kennaugh sighting! And he looks happy now, which is wonderful. Between Kittel, Stetina, Kennaugh, Dennis and probably many others I’m very happy to see a trend of riders taking care of their mental health and not continuing along a path that doesn’t make them happy.
Caleb Ewan might not have had so much success vs Sam Bennett on the road this season, but he did beat him at… this after Sam launched too soon. Although Caleb also got KO’ed himself during this game. Apparently they really liked playing with balls at that stag do.. and later Sam, Caleb, and Luke Rowe went for a ride together with Sam perhaps feeling a bit uncomfortable still in that Bora kit..
Lucas Hamilton took in some spectacular horse racing.
Is Alejandro Osorio, Sergio Higuita’s father?? Or maybe Sacha Modolo? Unless that is a very irresponsible gift for his daughter (look at the ribbons)?
Marco Haller went for a romantic lunch-date although he kept two negroni for himself instead of sharing.
I think you all must have heard of George Bennett’s surgery and his attempt to get ahead of the obvious questions but that didn’t stop Bob Jungels from asking! But Bob is also a man of culture (maybe… I’m not actually sure what he’s saying but it’s something to do with history so I assume he’s cultured).
Dario Cataldo is a surprisingly good artist, even while drawing on a balloon!
Thomas De Gendt got cleaned off by his son before he could enter the house
Tony Martin surprisingly signed for Katusha this past week.. Excuse me, signed for a Katusha fan.
That’s all for this week, so now it is time to say Goodbye but also thank you for reading!
Best wishes,
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2018.09.08 01:59 boredCommentator JoJo's OC Tournament #3 - Round 4 Wrap-up

The results are in for match 5 and match 6. The winner of match 5 is…
Buffalo Soldier, with a score of 66 to Russ Teneo’s 65!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Russ Teneo 18-22 A lot of debate came down to the very first things that Russ Teneo did, and whether or not recruiting a random passerby was a feasible strategy or not, but thankfully nobody seemed to consider it the sole deciding factor of the strategy, giving both it and Buffalo’s a fair analysis to the tune of a close 5-6… And a third, singular voice citing with confidence that Destiny Showdown would be the one to land the killing blow. Though counting it technically wouldn’t have made a difference in terms of who ultimately came out as the victor, the one-point lead makes too much of a point about how tight a match this truly was.
Quality Buffalo Soldier 24-21 Reasoning.
JoJolity Buffalo Soldier 24-22 Reasoning.
Who the… Who the hell is this guy? Russ Teneo had pulled out all the stops in curbing the madman who’d suddenly appeared during his assassination attempt, but for his trouble, was ultimately left collapsed on his hands and knees, struggling to stand and no longer even noticed by the man who’d defeated him and taken down the senator to boot.
Jules can’t fight anymore… I’m all that’s left of Jaded Justice! I can’t just… I can’t… Just…
Buffalo Soldier slung his most potent weapon over his shoulder, standing in the remains of the battle-worn truck stop. There were only two once-living things in this entire area still standing: him, and Destiny Showdown.
Destiny took a defensive stance as Buffalo walked closer, only for the wild man to look off to something by the side of what remained of Senator Elliot’s limousine: the shot-up corpse of Thela Hun Ginjeet.
Buffalo closed his onetime leader’s eyes, picked him up, and slinged him over his shoulder. “There’s something he would have wanted.”
Moments later, a bus pulls back up to the wrecked truck stop, skidding to a halt next to Buffalo and Destiny. Desummoning Window Licker, Amaki Castillo, very visibly shaken but unharmed, emerged. “Buffalo Soldier. You are… Going to explain why I woke up being shot at and had to drive the bus alone!”
“The two of you…” Destiny gives a relieved smile, clutching his wounded arm still. “I would have died if it wasn’t for the two of you.” And a frown, looking at Thela again. “I’m sorry I could not save your companion… He fought and lived valiantly, according to his own ideals.” He strokes his chin some. “This… Whole mess, with the bodies of the senator and his men… I’ll dispose of it. You needn’t worry a minute about authorities tracing any of this back to you. That’s the most I can do to repay you.”
“Really? You’re just gonna…” Amaki had a feeling this is a really good thing, even when she didn’t really understand what was going on. “What’s the catch?”
“All I ask in return,” Destiny offers, “is whatever may still be inside Russ Teneo’s car. I can even show you whatever I find.”
Speaking for both of them, Buffalo was quick to answer. “…deal. Best thing we can get right now.”
Over the course of the next several minutes, Amaki and Buffalo watched in awe and slight horror as, very methodically, the supernaturally talented restaurateur, using his stand’s fluids, reduced the blood-soaked battlefield of a truck stop covered in damning evidence into a disturbingly sterile place, riddled with skeletons laying in this or that position, special Deep Purple weapons disassembled or destroyed to an unrecognizable extent.
“All should be good here…” Destiny looks at a car approaching in the distance. “Ah, and perfect timing. My ride is here.”
With his new acquisition, before either of Amaki or Buffalo could get a good look at the driver, Destiny had piled into the car, which sped away in the direction from which it came.
Ah, Destiny. I hadn’t suspected my faith to be misplaced, but am I ever glad to see you again. I take it by the veritable boneyard I drove in on that your mission was a success?
“There were… complications. I regret that Thela Hun Ginjeet lost his life in the struggle, and some others had to help me in the end,” he admits, “as you probably knew by the man who rode off to meet you. Speaking of him, I trust Wyland is…”
Thela… It’s possible such a man with resolve like his could have understood us. At least, I’d like to think.” GIANTS’ usually clean-cut silhouette was noticeably frayed at the edges, his clothing seeming torn, singed, or otherwise worn out. Looking down at his own state of appearances, his voice once again rings out with deep self-satisfaction. “In any case, Wyland is about as likely to trouble us again as the monster we’ve slain today.
“That’s… good.” Destiny winces through his teeth, clutching his bleeding arm. “Could you take care of this?”
Naturally. I just didn’t want to presume.” As he reaches out to place his shade-cloaked hand on Destiny’s wound, something gives him a moment of pause. “I don’t take it that what you’re holding is… ” Implores the shadow, having already pulled away from Destiny’s no-longer bleeding arm.
Destiny brings the object close to the driver, and his eyes go wide in excitement. “It was exactly as I’d suspected… This is ‘The Hanging Tree.’”
Excellent. Of course, I take it that this means that another one of those ‘groups’ in this hunt…
Destiny nods. “Jaded Justice will trouble us no more. All of its members are either deceased or no longer in any condition to fight again.”
The first of them to drop out of this was Akiyoshi Yamamoto, who left the team after that bungee jumping battle at the Grand Canyon caused by our late associate. He’s recovered and rejoined the Speedwagon Foundation since, but their Japanese branch is more preoccupied with possible associates to Deep Purple. He won’t trouble us.
The second to depart was Miras Atrium, who was on that second model volcano created by Barbie Girl, alongside Henry Walshmann. He lacked the… Resolve, that his companions had, and has simply withdrawn from this hunt entirely.
Blue Monday was quite the skilled leader and investigator, and even a decent gambler by his track record against Crowbar Jackson in the House of the Rising Sun. Lilah disposed of him with no complications.
Henry Walshman survived the same faux volcanic eruption Miras did, only to be defeated in Dubai taking an elevator at the same time as Baron Mordechai. He never even managed to meet Blue Monday before he expired and the elevator he’d been bleeding out in crashed.
Grace Vincent… A sad casualty of someone else’s assassination. After she showed so much resolve in defeating that raccoon in a Deep Purple research facility, she too fell victim to a fatal crash orchestrated by Lilah Dawn after that bizarre test Missy Elliot’s former babysitter put her through.
Their third longest lasting, and their oldest member, Tsao Xu, who was instrumental in the murder of Flori Dada and cutting of half our funding with the help of Bikini Bottom… If I recall Mr. Roan’s report on that correctly, he died of old age after attempting to curtail Manny Elflad’s hospital massacre.
Jules Langlais, that young man who seemed inseparable for awhile from Russ Teneo. They defeated the Ultraviolet Underground on a stretch of road not unlike this one, but then he failed alongside Tsao Xu at that hospital. Teaming up again with Russ, the pair was able to kill Marco F. Caine before he could be a problem for us, only to be defeated by his teammate in some mob-run batting cage and put in critical condition.
Russ Teneo proved to be a fiercer fighter than any of his allies. I reiterate that he defeated two members of the Ultraviolet Underground, and under greatly confusing circumstances, he and a user from another team defeated that Aunt Leslie fellow who never accepted your invitation. Again with the help of Jules, he defeated the Philosophers of Hardy Diamond. I think he was trying to save me and Thela Hun Ginjeet, but in the end, he took Buffalo Soldier’s appearance as a challenge and wound up fighting him over who could assassinate Mr. Elliot. Suffice to say, he was bested.
“It’s unfortunate, really…” Destiny’s commander remarked with a sigh. “They truly thought they were defending a greater good, many of them unjust casualties in fate’s attempts to obstruct our path...”
“The world could stand to have more people like them… I’ve always appreciated the work of the Foundation in general. It saddens me that they’ve stood in our way…”
Elsewhere, not long after…
The winner of match 6 is…
The Player Team, with a score of 71 to Strawberry Roan’s 69!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Cosmic Chiefs 22-18 Even with a major misunderstanding, the player team’s strategy was considered solid enough that even those five who voted against it made a point of mentioning how positively solid it was. Votes were piling in until the last minute, disagreeing over whether Strawberry’s long game or the players’ hunting tactics would win out, and if there had been one less, the results of this match would have been completely different.
Quality Cosmic Chiefs 26-25 Reasoning.
JoJolity Strawberry Roan 23-25 Reasoning.
Gina’s shot rang through the air. Her and Lucil had cornered Roan, Lucil in particular having just assaulted him in short-range. He was on the backswing; he had evaded her, gotten a few shots off and ran, but Gina was prepared. He slinked, just briefly, into the range of her [Bad Name], and with the guidance of her Stand, fired off a shot. A low cough and groan made it very clear; the shot had found its mark. It had taken a few stressful hours, but a clean shot was landed on the gunslinger, a follow-up to a beatdown. As Gina pulled the trigger, Lucil and her [Around the World] made their approach.
“You hit him?” Lucil asked, her body hit with a few cuts, scrapes, and bruises.
“Yeah.” Lucil replied curtly.
“Is it safe to make an approach?”
”Let’s see…” [Bad Name’s] voice echoed into Gina’s mind. “Seems like you got him right in the gut… He’s propped himself, sitting under a tree. Doesn’t look like he’s armed. If you wanna question him, make it fast, I think he might be bleeding out.”
“... Seems like it.” Gina finally replied, standing up and swinging her rifle on to her back. “Let’s hurry. He might not have long left for questioning.”
Lucil grimly nodded, following her partner into the woods, towards the gunslinger…
It was already unprecedented for us to even start Round 3, and here we are now closing off Round 4, and both matches on such close notes in all categories… It’s hard to even think of anything to say, I’m blown away by how much closer to the end we’ve made it so far.
Out of the 64 players to have originally entered this tournament, only 8 are remaining as we move into the final round. To everyone who made it this far, to their teammates, and even those who participated in any capacity, we suggest you give yourselves a pat on the back.
As always to any sub-only spectators out there, if you would like first updates and news about the tournament, as well as the ability to interact with the members of the tournament community, then please feel free to PM a member of our Judge Staff and ask for a link to the Official Tournament Discord Server!
Round 4 End Credits theme.
After having proven herself in a race through the vicious Soul Train, poor Mute needed time to herself again. Lucil was great company, of course, but she’d had a lot to think about, and loneliness, in its own ways, was frequently very comforting for her. Not that she wasn’t worried about her, of course, especially since she’d be gone for days, but she had a feeling this one wasn’t forever like Baron.
“A lot of people have died for whatever this is going to give us…” Mute examined her team’s artifact once more. “I wonder what all can really be worth this much…”
Amaki Castillo, who had emerged victorious from a brawl in a sketchy casino’s ballroom not long ago, rested her head on the steering wheel of the banged-up Astral Traveler. Sweet Connelly walked out from under a seat, making a hard to read face at Amaki and making her jump a bit in surprise at the sight.
“Never a dull day, huh..?” She mused to the fox, then looked back at her sole human passenger. “Can we just get out of here now? You can explain everything to me on the way as far from here as possible…”
“That coat…” Gregor Yuvecksky looked at the dark-colored article of clothing with quizzical interest.
“Oh, this?” Geoff Wetton looked down at his newest article of clothing. “It… turned up on the shore when we were in Australia. I swear it’s the same one that Soichi fellow had.”
“And it survived being underwater, surrounded by blood and sharks, eh? Perhaps the coat itself is lucky…” Gregor lets out a mildly amused exhale, but his heart isn’t in it, considering his gruesome last run-in with the thing.
“Then hopefully I’ll be its first owner to truly channel that,” Geoff remarks, mixed emotions similarly present in his voice.
Anna Rose, after another trip to a sports-related match, was back at the university. She took a sip of yet another can of Doctor Doctor Doctor; since associating it with her victory over Jules, they’d become a beverage she just couldn’t get enough of.
“No more sports,” she said with a content sigh, setting it down and taking a seat. “From now on I’m just fully in ass-kicking mode.” She calls out to the younger and older men in the next room over. “You hear that, you two?! Ass-kicking mode!
“…someplace with vultures,” Buffalo Soldier responded after some thought, looking at what’s left of Thela. “That’s what he’d want to happen to him.”
As Amaki nodded with uncertainty, she pulled over both to look at something on the roadside and actually google some important things relating to what he just said. They were in the middle of nowhere after successfully assassinating a Floridan senator..
“Well…” Lucil Caravan rubbed the side of her neck, unsure what to say after what had just gone down. “It’s certainly been… A few days!”
“Strawberry Roan…” Gina Halfway sighs, Bad Name looking over her guns. “I never could have had a greater test of my sniping skills than taking you on, and never could have completed it without your help, Miss Caravan.”
“Y’know,” Lucil remarks, gazing around at everything and nothing in particular, “I’ve got a friend who’s real bummed out our duo couldn’t become a trio… Maybe you could head back with us? If you’re all alone yourself…”
“We’ll consider it!” Bad Name chimes in. “At least, we’ll check the place out!”
Sitting in a swiveling chair in a remote location, Brooke Elliot tossed her burner cell phone at the nearby wall hard. Her husband Randall and his prime enforcer Ryder had failed to answer any of the countless calls she’d made since learning the attack was underway. “They’re… They’re dead…” Elbows on the desk before her, she buried her face in her hands, whimpering for a short while.
“Er, Mrs. Elliot..?” Another feminine voice, this one with a thick accent, snaps her out of her funk, looking up at the figure walking in. “Sorry to barge in, but…”
“Now isn’t a good time, Nijinga…” She sniffles. “He’s… He’s dead.”
“We had a feeling… ‘She’ thought that you might want this, is all.” The woman holds out a handful of dubious pills.
“I swore off that shit when I got married. Don’t tempt me.”
“Right, right…” The other woman retracts the hand. “She just wanted me to ask, is all.” She pauses, thinking. “If… Ryder and Mr. E are both dead, then that means you’re in charge, yes? What are we doing now?”
“For now..?” Brooke looks solemnly at the other woman. “I need time to mourn, to think, and we can’t let this place fall into enemy hands anyway. Keep holding the fort down.”
“And your daughter? Should we send for her?”
“No, no… She’s. Safer where she is. Tell the rest of the Perfect Strangers to prepare for an attack. I’m sure someone’s going to come hunting this place down eventually anyway.”
The next scene ought to be familiar to regular readers by now: the nice room with plenty of seat space at a big table, an old-timey radio playing out the song this round is ending on. Two men, GIANTS and Destiny Showdown, and a woman, Lilah Dawn, sit around one side of the table, reconvening for the first time since the end of the previous round.
“Everyone here succeeded in their missions, yet one less of us is here again…” Lilah Dawn reflects, a bittersweet touch to her voice.
“I made a humiliating miscalculation and cost the life of a friend and potentially ally,” Destiny, still beating himself up over that, remarks, “even if the world is finally rid of the senator, and we’re one little patch closer to what we desire.”
What matters is that the rest of us still live, Destiny. Strawberry Roan may have failed in the end, but the memory of his steadfast resolution will give us strength. We must, as he would have said, ‘Stand Proud.’ We have little time for regret or mourning, even for a man such as himself. Now, with so few obstacles remaining... is when we ought to be acting more decisively than ever.
Lilah brings a hand up against her face, raising her eyebrows. “Sir, are you suggesting what I think you are..?”
I am. With a third of these ‘patches’ under our belt, it’s about time, I would think, that we begin to make a point of acting more directly. It won’t be long, anyway, until ‘somebody’ refuses to play into our hands by squabbling with the rest of their competition.
“These teams are at one another’s throats… Jules Langlais and Anna Rose, then Buffalo Soldier and Russ Teneo, had no quarrel with one another, yet attempted to kill one another on sight,” Destiny reminds the Hall of Heads, “would those who remain really be capable of cobbling together some sense of unity...?”
In a mysterious mansion, where a visiting sniper had begun to piece together precisely who her most recent partner had once worked for, onboard a roaming bus, and at a college campus, a familiar sound comes through on their nearby radios.
Uh… Hey, again. It’s T. T Square. There should be… About eight people receiving this message. And, uh… You know who you are, and what this is about, to some of you in particular, but I’m not holding it against you, just so you know. He wouldn’t have wanted me to. Anyway though, uh… To all eight of you hearing this right now. Coconut Grove, Miami. One week. Meet me there. We have to Stand Proud.
<=To be Continued===
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2018.07.23 01:59 boredCommentator JoJo's OC Tourney #3: R3M10 - Baron Mordechai vs Gina Halfway

The results are in for Match 8. The winner is…
Lilah Dawn, with a score of 62 to players’ 60!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Tie 20-20 It was a close race with compelling arguments from all around, and though technically the player team edged slightly ahead in the votes department, they were also guilty of submitting the first strategy in this tourney to go completely over the character limit. For this, they effectively started one pop point down. It says something that they made that deficit up no trouble, though.
Quality Tie 20-20 Reasoning.
JoJolity Lilah Dawn 22-20 Reasoning.
Even among the judges, this was a close, sharply divided match, and an all-around close one, with quality a tie and even JoJolity only a few points apart. In a first for any of the tournaments, however, barring a scare and mathematical error earlier on, the boss has emerged as the victor. This unprecedented move knocks out two of the seven remaining teams, leaving only five going into round four. As for the artifacts that Manny and Crowbar were explicitly carrying into their final battle? Well…
Maybe they’ll turn up again soon.
While waiting for this to go up, if you caught it the day it uploaded in the Western Hemisphere, there’s still a few precious hours left to vote in the high-tension tennis match between the largest and second-largest teams still in the tourney, and the match needs more attention!
The match is below, but let’s take a moment to reflect on two more sets of fallen competitors..
To the Good Vibrations…
8th Place: Felix Arrowsmith - Defeated by Clarence Creedwater in frigid Norway. After his defeat, he quietly chose to return to his retirement from active fighting, content aboard his newly-acquired yacht.
7th/6th Place: John ‘Jaco’ Pastorius and Michael McClane - Trounced on a false volcanic island by Fabian Gibson and Stu Steel. The two of them would survive their defeat, but never learn the truth about the ‘island.’
5th Place: Tyler Bonnie - Nonfatally injured in a prison brawl with three cloned children and a giant man. His defeat would later be avenged by his team’s star player.
4th Place/3rd Place: Simon ‘Jack’ Rodgers and Basilio Goltero ‘BG’ Santos - Though the pair saved a highjacked train before Stratovarius and Kent Moore, Jack would sacrifice his life in a failed attempt to defeat Soichi Utsumi and Buffalo Soldier. As the sole fatality of the team, Jack lives on fondly in the memory of his friends and foes alike, while BG’s life carries on elsewhere.
2nd Place: ‘Lance’ - Lance made his splash by defeating the Tournament’s second boss, Tiny Dancer, with the help of Gregor Yuvecksky. Lance then fought against the leader of Babylon By Bus while nearly blinded by an enemy Stand, a match which ended in a tie, but that Lance pulled out one of the largest popularity wins in tourney history from. His story came to an unfortunate end with his second encounter with the Philosophers, which boasted a rare zero-point score in a Judge Category, a conclusion that was saddening to friend and foe alike due to his solid strats up til’ then. While he has embarked on his own path, the fact that he was willing to come this far is not unappreciated.
1st Place: ‘Crowbar’ Jackson - After stalemating a gambling duel with Blue Monday due only to an issue of time, he would avenge Tyler Bonnie’s loss by out-treasure-hunting the concerning clones, before going down in infamy defeated alongside Manny Elflad at the Smithsonian by a reluctant Lilah Dawn, not without proving himself as a truly threatening villain. Widely one of the most unexpected characters to do so well, his placement was still absolutely no dumb luck.
This team certainly took its licks from time to time (and had a lot of nicknames among them), but that isn’t to say they went down without a good few fights between them.
And to the Bikini Bottom…
8th/7th Place: Roger Waters and Donatello Blackwell - Though they raced well through a polluted river against Soichi Utsumi and Thela Hun Ginjeet in their boats, ultimately they lost out, not returning to the MF Whale afterwards. Their status after this point in time is unknown.
6th Place: Furo Raida - After beating Daniel Cali senseless aboard his fishing boat in Lake Erie, she and Johnny Leever were beaten by Bas Haze, Blake Falstaff, and Mr. Moon in the former Flori Dada mansion. Such a little hermit crab was widely considered perhaps one of the most threatening stand users on a team not remotely short on those.
5th Place: MAKS_13 - He and Manny Elflad proved to be a great team, first antiheroically taking on Joe Armstrong’s 21 Guns better than Bond Jovi and Crispin Freeman to the tune of a perfect quality score, then horrifyingly taking on a hospital full of people to save a single patient in a race with Tsao Xu and Jules Langlais. MAKS_13 certainly got to kill its share of humans, and was allowed into a warrior’s heaven with Tsao Xu due to both players no-showing. The remains of the two editions of MEKA_MAKS are still gathering dust in the MF Whale.
4th/3rd Place: ‘Dr. Jekyll’ and Clarence Creedwater - Dr. Jekyll, alongside Tsao Xu, boasted a victory in the first boss match in the tourney against Flori Dada, while Clarence had won its first fight in general against the aforementioned Felix Arrowsmith. When the pair teamed up in Round 2, they proved a force to be reckoned with to the tune of near-equal judge scores, but due to an edge in popularity, ultimately lost in a cage match with Gregor Yuvecksky and Geoff Wetton. Clarence continues to “live” his undead “life,” watching the tourney unfold with his stand by his side, while Dr. Jekyll has abandoned the search to rapport with other scientific minds.
2nd Place: Captain Johnny Leever - Leever began the tournament with a tie against the Ultraviolet Underground’s manic rifleman atop two moving trucks. After that, the captain of the MF WHALE seemed to have his story ended by the Crimson Chiefs and their three-man team at Flori Dada’s old haunt, but due to his team managing a win with a no-show, the captain was brought back, where he fought one of the closest matches in R3 against the Bruiser from Babylon in Area 51, unfortunately ending in a loss. The captain’s journey was hardly smooth sailing, with the dubious honor of making it three rounds with two losses and a tie, though he definitely did well in every match he was placed in regardless of the end result.
1st Place: Manny Elflad - In his first two matches, alongside the AI MAKS_13, aforementioned mall brawl and hospital havoc only cemented what a brilliantly-played, terrifying stand Weird Science was. In the end, though, the bloody path he carved through the tourney concluded in his and Crowbar’s own defeat at the hands of Lilah Dawn. He then lost control of his ‘Soul Train,’ which devoured him and rode away into the night. To this day, stories of a train barreling through a town, pulling people and objects in, spitting monstrous creations out, are told in fearful whispers. Even though he’s lost, he will go down in the tourney history as one of the most terrifying stand users to ever grace the tourney, and his strategies that send a chill up the judges’ spines will be dearly missed.
It is truly sad to see two teams with such personality completely fall, but they can still watch what transpires in the coming days.
Bond Jovi. Highly decorated onetime military Sniper. Aged 75. Heroically died fighting the mysterious ‘phantom army’ commanded by the also-deceased Joe Armstrong, who blew himself up in a car after massacreing countless people and threatening to destroy a mall, later blown up anyway by a third party.
That was the official story, and for his efforts he received the funeral of a heroic serviceman. Honestly, he deserved it too.
But things didn’t quite add up for Gina Halfway, all things considered. With how simplistic the tactics of those soldiers were, no way they could’ve ever gotten the drop on him. And wasn’t he seen before the carnage started with a partner? Why wasn’t his body ever recovered, and if he survived, why did he not return to the group that Bond was working alongside?
Hell, even before she’d heard the news, the very day he died, a voice spoke out to her. The man who had been like a second father to her… “He was murdered,” the voice said, “betrayed by his own ally…” It emphasized. “Find Crispin Freeman.”
Eventually, she managed to do just that. A shorter, muscular policeman in a neon tie and fedora… Even through the stubble he’d grown since, even at hundreds of meters away, she could tell it was him.
Even if there was any doubt it was the man, his behavior was a dead giveaway. He saw a young, short-haired woman, probably about 17-19, walking out of a convenience store, whistling and carrying something stuffed in her shirt.
“Stop right there, shoplifting scum!” Crispin manifested ‘Red Sun over Paradise and ran at the shoplifter with his gun and nightstick both drawn, pummeling the poor kid to the ground as ‘the imp’ signalled ‘the ogre’ to strike. Even still, watching this brutal retribution on some shoplifter, feeling something flare up inside her, her lip stayed stiff, and her finger moved to the trigger.
Moments before a combination of a bullet through the chin and a strike through the skull could do the poor thief in, a shot rang out, and moments later, Red Sun vanished as a hole appeared through Crispin’s upper chest. He stood for a few moments, long enough for the girl to run away, before dropping.
Gina packed up her weapon and walked away. The nuisance on her shoulder praised, “nice shot, Gina! Oh, now let’s go check out a movie! I hear the new ‘Ant Man’ is pretty-”
They didn’t go to a movie. The very next day, in fact, Gina Halfway joined up with Bond’s old allies, and short on able hands, they entrusted her with another mission the very next day.
Baron Mordechai may have had his small army of stand users reduced down to himself and a teenage girl who frequently goes off on missions of her own unprompted, but to him, this was fine. They coordinated enough that one of them was always protecting ‘Two Gray Rooms’ when the other was out and about. Usually, this duty fell to Baron, given Mute’s young, free-spirited nature and his own need to keep their long-term plans in check.
Sitting in the Winchester mansion that he’d long ago made his base, combing over paperwork, notes on other enemy stand users, and occasionally looking at his team’s artifact, he jumped a bit when an old-style rotary phone at his desk rang.
He’d picked the thing up mainly because it suited the aesthetics of his base, but only a very small number of people were allowed to know this phone number, all of whom swore to secrecy on revealing it. It must be Mute, he figured, checking in again.
“Hello, yes?” He asks, “what’s your progress report?”
“I’ve… caught a lead on something, Baron. Something huge.”
The woman’s voice on the other end of the line, definitely not Mute’s, made the Cosmic Fire leader’s eyes go wide, bearded mouth hanging open for a moment. “Is… Is this..?” His tone turns stern. “Abandoning the cause without a word after your first mission, and never once checking in… You had better explain yourself-”
“I… Could not bear to face you and the others after failing. But I have never lost faith in your cause! Allow me to make it up for you now!”
“What could possibly make up for abandoning us in our time of need? Ivan and Mary are dead, the triplets are in juvenile detention…”
“I know where another one of those ‘artifacts’ is!”
“…” Baron goes silent for a moment, before continuing. “Make it quick, then. Where is it?”
“Vino. It is in the hands of a man named Doctor Colman Vino. He knows about me already, so I can’t go after him myself, otherwise I would have already returned with it. But through a man named Australis Anguilla, you can find him! He does not know I know that name!”
“…I see. Thank you…” Baron smiles, deciding to trust his one-time ally. “I hope I’ll be seeing you again shortly.”
In a lab not too far from the incident with the angry fish, Dr. Anguilla was talking to himself. “Normally,” he brought out his stand and put his hand under a running sink,“Novocaine For The Soul emits a calming aura to anything exposed to water…”
Australis Anguilla was a man who knew more than he cared to admit. While it was true he was a marine biologist like he claimed, he also specialized in another area, stand forensics. This has been a relatively recent area of his, one that he only truly invested himself in after being a first-hand witness-and survivor-of the sinking of the Bagel Bite. He’d been one of the lot, ahem, partying with Eleanor Rigby on deck, thrown overboard when the ship lurched, only to miraculously survive due to the sudden development of his ‘stand.’ His life was then saved by the ship’s intimidating bartender, oddly alone on a lifeboat, who told him of the truth of a world he had been thrust into, and that most of the ship’s passengers had been saved by a pair of one ‘Baron Mordechai’ and a girl who refused to share her name.
He pulled out a sample of the water from Henry and Otraz’s retrieval mission. The stand winced a bit before continuing to look it over.
“But it stops doing that when it gets exposed to this water…” He blinks. “What in… What in this ‘blood’ made those gilled guys get so angry.”
He put away the sample, calming himself as he realized something. “It’s been inverted. I remember a stand like that from that guy at the Bagel Bite.” He shuffled through his notes. “What’s causing this? I can easily physically interact with this, so it can’t be a stand. Reel Big Fish toxins, maybe..? No, no, then Novocaine could not affect them at all, and the fish would just die off…” Another realization hits him, as he remembers the talk he’d had with the man who saved him from the cruel ocean.
“What does… yours do, then?”
“‘Lemon Demon…’ It can transform ordinary water into absolutely any liquid. Can I fix you a drink as an example?”
Anguilla chuckled. “Please… Rum and coke?”
“Right away.”
Anguilla, as a recent member of the stand-science community, had of course heard before of the elusive ‘Deep Purple,’ whose name seemed to pop up on all sorts of mysterious technology and weaponry recently. But what else was there to this..?
His cell phone rang. “Dr. Anguilla speaking. Who is this? …ah, yes, Baron Mordechai, I’ve heard of you! Of course I have time for you.” His eyes narrow. “Corman Vino… Yes, I can take you to him. Mhm, meet me at Australia’s Gold Coast Airport this upcoming Sunday.”
A moment later, he makes a second call. “Yes, hello, Henry? I need you to pass a message along to your friends…”
Gina Halfway was the first to arrive, meeting Anguilla outside of the airport as he stood around outside under an umbrella.
“Doctor Anguilla. I’m Bad Name!” The stand on her shoulder speaks up, alerting the doctor to their presence as he jumped up, turning around to look at the pair.
“You, erm… You’re early!” Anguilla remarks. “I didn’t even expect the next flight from where your friends are situated to touch down for the next…”
“I came my own way,” Gina responds vaguely. “Think I could have gotten through ordinary airport security like this?”
“Of course, of course… Eheh. Anyway, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms…”
“Gina Halfway, Dr. Anguilla. My… Partner has introduced himself already.”
“Right, right…” Anguilla remarks, “anyway, shouldn’t be long now before…” He looks and gives a waving greeting to a regal-looking, bearded man.
“You… Didn’t tell me you would be bringing friends,” Baron Mordechai remarks, sizing Gina up with his eyes suspiciously.
“Did I not mention? Sorry, sorry… But I assure you, Ms. Halfway can be trusted completely!”
“…hm.” Both Baron and Gina remarked something to this effect, their lack of trust in one another clear as the skies weren’t.
While the tension wasn’t dispelling any time soon, Anguilla tried to keep both players’ minds off of it by talking a bit. “Corman Vino… Old man was a mentor of mine, once. Never expected to hear his name outta one of you, though. Sold his soul to one of those American parks that treats marine life like shit, then came back to Queensland to retire in luxury. These days he’s either… Back out West schmoozin’ with celebrities, or working on that hotel of his. Actually just came back to do just that.”
The rainfall continued, and in fact, it seemed to be joined by a bit of fog, as the three stand users tracked down their target’s location. Not that it was all that hard to do, anyway. They just had to find the most eyesore-ey of construction sites in the local area.
“I don’t think he knows the first thing about construction,” Anguilla remarks, “but he’s trying to make it, like… A hotel where every floor also has a huge aquarium visible. The entire middle of the damn building doesn’t exist yet because of it, and the basement is just a giant pool of water!”
“Looks like he’s only finished the first floor anyway…” Bad Name remarks, looking through the walls. “There is definitely a guy in there, though! Looking about… Seventy-something, tan, long silver hair, five o-clock shadow?”
“That’s him, alright,” Anguilla remarks. “I’m… Gonna talk to him. You two have my backs?”
Gina and Baron don’t say much, simply nodding and continuing to be more suspicious of one another than their actual mutual target as they exited the car. The rain had gotten harder now, and even the umbrellas that Anguilla lent the pair weren’t enough to keep it from getting on them. Bad Name briefly looked confused, alarmed, Baron as well, before both shook it off and followed their guide.
Aside from Dr. Vino, the construction site was empty today, the company the man had hired taking weekends off. The old man was also talking into a phone, angrily. “Where the hell are the Perfect Strangers? If they’re not here in the next… minute, I’m fucking dead! Do you hear me? Is that what your father would’ve wanted? … What do you mean, ‘there was a complication?!’ Are you really prepared to lose ‘that’ just as soon as we’ve gotten it? ‘We can get it back’ my ass! You’ve screwed me! Screwed me, you-”
The person on the other end of the line disconnects, leaving the doctor out to dry (metaphorically, of course. In a literal sense, even being under the ceilings of the construction site couldn’t stop him from being wet). Moments later, the doors burst open. At the front of the line? Dr. Anguilla. “Corman! Just what are you planning on doing now?”
“Australis… Still trying to play hero now, huh? It was self-righteous enough when it was over some dolphins and coral reefs, but now you’re getting involved in a world you know nothing about.”
“You’re a marine biologist, dammit! How can you say that?!”
“I’m whatever pays me best, Australis, you know that by now,” Vino answers, producing-perhaps a bit ineffectually-a black and red butterfly knife from within his coat pocket. “And I don’t have to tell any of you shit!
“‘Novocaine for the Soul…’ Soothe everyone in this place! There does not need to be any blood spilt here!”
A wave washed over all three others in the area, sure… But not a calming one. Vino laughed aggressively.
“Australis… For such a smart guy, you’re a real fucking idiot, you know that? Aren’t your friends looking a bit… agitated now?”
Moments too late, the better of the two doctors present realizes. “What… What have I done?”
“The ability to turn liquid into anything, the ability to invert any stand, and most recently, a mysterious, enveloping fog… Deep Purple’s ability to bring things together is wonderful, isn’t it?” He laughs, bitterly, for a moment. “I was never needed at all, was I?”
Gina, overcome with rage due to the inverted effects of ‘Novocaine for the Soul,’ fired several rounds into the man who, clutching his knife close, bent forward against an opening in the floor, grinning. “You all want this little thing so badly..?” He laughs. “Take it, then…”
At that, he drops into the watery basement, descending as the water around him becomes tinted an increasingly distinct red.
“Gina…” Anguilla is horrified for a moment. “No, that was. That was my fault… Come, let’s get back in the car.”
“I’m not leaving without that knife,” Baron interrupts, standing by the waterside, his already bitterer-than-usual demeanor having turned outright dour and threatening due to the inverted stand.
“You’re not leaving with that knife,” Gina answers, in turn, as she reloads her pistol. “If this is what I think it is…”
“And what if it is? Do you intend to stop me from taking it?”
“Baron, please, calm yourself!” Anguilla pleads.
“No good, doc,” Bad Name tells him, “if your stand is supposed to calm people… They ain’t gonna be talked down. Just get out before you hurt yourself.”
“I…” Anguilla closes his eyes, hurrying away. Neither party stops him. “I’m sorry, you two…”
A menacing aura fills the construction site, Gina and Baron staring one another down. They’d expected it to come to this, even if the circumstances have filled them with even more desire to see the other person a bloody mess.
Open the game!
Location: The interior of an under construction hotel, currently five identical stories aboveground. The basement of the building, the only floor mostly complete, is completely underwater (represented in off-red). Each story is 3 meters high. It is currently pouring rain outside.
Due to the building being under construction, the players will have to climb around the scaffolding around the entire outside of the building (represented in gold).
All of the floors consist of four different platforms laid out in a square. These platforms measure 15 x 15. They have a 1 meter gap between them. There is a stairwell on each corner; though there are stairs to that, they only go up to the first floor of the building from the basement. The rest of the stairwell is basically just a hole in the floor of a story already full of it.
There are no rooms in the building yet.
The water is a grotesque shade of red and expelling a fog which, while not toxic or even remotely difficult to see through, seems to be having a strange effect on your stands…
Despite all this, it’s as safe to swim in as normal water.
Stand Inversion
Bad Name Bad Name himself no longer can see through things. In its place, however, Inverted Bad Name, within a 200 meter radius, can allow another person to see through any nonliving thing. That is to say, Bad Name decides selectively whether or not a certain object appears invisibly to them, and can turn this on and off at his own will, which can easily be disorienting. This effect does not have to be given exclusively to Inverted Bad Name’s user, but can be. It’s simply determined by whatever was the last living thing (or living thing’s stand) that Bad Name has physically contacted.
The Man Who Would Be King The grenades it creates, while charging at their usual rate, no longer cause a sphere of destruction. Instead, the area enveloped in the explosion will be healed or fixed as though that concentrated spot was affected by Crazy Diamond. The ‘marbles’ exclusively repair things in that specific area, ‘baseball’ and ‘netball’ fix the entirety of the object with the most surface area caught in the blast and specific-radius everything else, and the ‘basketball’ goes full CD on anything in the radius.
Additional Information: If it needed saying, both combatants’ stands have already been ‘inverted’ in ability before the match began. As per his character sheet, Baron Mordechai starts with a single baseball-sized grenade, which has also had its abilities set to inverted WBK’s.
Yes, storywise, the players are under the effect of a stand inversion that increases their aggression, but for fairness reasons this doesn’t affect their fighting styles or tactics at all, and arguments otherwise will be discounted.
Baron already knows how his inverted stand works from his previous encounter with Dr. Mason, while Bad Name, as a sapient stand, fully, intrinsically knows his own new abilities as well.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Cosmic Fire Baron Mordechai “I have it… The arrow! It belongs to Diavolo!” You came here for that ‘knife,’ and you’re not letting it get away from you. Retrieve and secure the butterfly knife at the bottom of the flooded basement.
Crimson Chiefs Gina Halfway “He hasn't grabbed the arrow yet! We're going in, Mista!” If that object Baron is so interested in is what you think it is, you can’t let him get away with it. Retrieve and secure the butterfly knife at the bottom of the flooded basement.
Link to the Player Spreadsheet
Match PlayeTeam 1 PlayeTeam 2 Type Description Date
1 ‘Mute’ (River Eiselidge) Thela Hun Ginjeet Deathmatch An art exhibit is displaying its new piece, "The Woman in Waiting". Why does that sound so familiar...? Monday, June 25th
2 Blake Falstaff and Mr Moon Buffalo Soldier Boss Objective She's a [Barbie Girl]... Though I guess in this case, you're the doll… Tuesday, June 28th
3 Russ Teneo and Jules Langlias Marco F. Caine and Damon Aurel Deathmatch It's cold and kinda dark... I guess this is what you get when you go exploring a frozen cave! Sunday, July 1st
4 Johnny Leever Stephen ‘Steppy’ Morris Objective Wow! Who knew they actually had all of this on Area 51...? Wednesday, July 4th
5 Gregor Yuvecksky Judas Saxon Deathmatch OH NO! NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES! AAAHHHH! Saturday, July 7th
6 Soichi Utsumi and Amaki Castillo Bas Haze and ‘Monster’ Objective "Team Up for Twice the Fun!" Tuesday, July 10th
7 Nick Mason ‘Lance’ Objective "On your back... Carry me on your back, okay?" Friday, July 13th
8 Manny Elflad ‘Crowbar’ Jackson Boss Deathmatch The Smithsonian, a place full of history, artefacts, and... Stand users? Monday, July 16th
9 Anna Rose and Geoff Wetton Otraz Ivanov and Rory Raccoon Objective You'll need to take more than Baby Steps if you wanna become the Prince of Tennis! Thursday, July 19th
10 Gina Halfway Baron Mordechai Deathmatch Destiny worked so hard to get Dr. Mason's blood... Might as well put it to good use! Sunday, July 22nd
If you would like to receive first updates on the Tournament’s status and interact with the Tournament community, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff and request a link to the Tournament’s Official Discord Server!
submitted by boredCommentator to StardustCrusaders [link] [comments]

2018.01.27 01:04 VforVanarchy Jojo's OC Tournament #3 R1M12 - Fabian Gibson and Stu Steel vs Michael Mclane and Jaco Pastorius

The Results are in for Match 10! The winner is…
Monster, with a score of 70 to Seido Shuto’s 32
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Monster {36-4} Good god, Ruby took this one home. Glad to see votes picking back up after the turnout of the last two fights!
Quality [Monster] {19-12} Reasoning.
JoJolity [Monster] {15-14} Reasoning.
Well, never let it be said that Ruby’s previous losses weren’t hard-fought anyway. After a losing streak, they come back with an absolutely monstrous stomp. Here, they completely outperformed Amethyst in just about every category. Let’s see if Amethyst team can turn this match around.
While waiting for the strategies on this match, you can still weigh in on the war between a raccoon and a self-styled magical girl!
John “Jaco” Pastorius had actually lucked out. Once, in his travels as a musician, he’d caught the attention of a famous singer, Brooke Elliot, and from there something between a friendship and professional acquaintanceship was struck. She and her husband, US Senator Randall Elliot, had been clued into the world of stands by him and another friend of theirs, and were so kind as to invite all of them, as well as a +1, on a family vacation to Africa, chartered on his enormous, lavish yacht, the Rose Totino. The two of them, she reasoned, could meet and share information on this ‘hunt’ they’ve both happened to speak about.
Jaco’s choice for someone to accompany him was PMC and fellow Good Vibrations member Michael Mclane.
It’s an unknown story how someone as… Unique as the past-his-prime underwear model Fabian Gibson had come to be the second good friend of Brooke Elliot’s, and none of his teammates were really comfortable enough with him to pry, but from what they could infer this connection to Senator Elliot was responsible for averting a lot of instances where he probably should’ve been put away for life.
He had intended on simply finding some piece to conscript into acting as his +1, and his team was content to let him… Until he happened to mention that the Elliots had a young daughter. To that end, they immediately made Stu Steel E. accompany Fabian, giving him specific instructions to make sure the man stayed on his best behavior and fully clothed. This was so far out of his comfort zone on so many levels it wasn’t even funny, but he was curious about this “other stand user” as well, not to mention the likelihood that his +1 would also be a user.
Things were civil at first, Fabian coming in his actual outfit and everything, and everyone was made acquainted by the woman before getting onboard her husband’s yacht. At the moment, everyone was mingling on deck, while the young daughter of the family half-paid attention to her father’s words about revisiting their ancestry after centuries of erasure. She was too busy making two Barbie dolls pro-wrestle to care about gloomy stuff like that, smashing one into the other and making an exploding sound with her mouth. It’s adorable, and her mother takes a few pictures that immediately trend on social media.
Jaco was backed into a railing of the deck by Fabian, who was towering over and blatantly sizing the musician up. “Nice shirt,” the model whispers.
Laughing nervously, no stranger to this sort of attention, Jaco just lightly began to push him away. “Man, hey, there’s a little kid right there! Save it!”
“I want her to watch.”
“Hey, er, maybe now someone should step in!” Jaco cheerfully but nervously motioned with his head for Michael.
The spy of few words was already beginning to step forward, and Stu, having until now been keeping his distance, starts to speak up as well, “hey, Fabian, maybe we should cut it out for-”
Suddenly, the skies grew dark and weather stormy, and before any of the Stand users or the Elliot family had time to react, a massive wave erupted over the upper deck of the ship, washing our heroes over everything went black with a crash.
When Jaco came to, he heard the sound of waves, finding himself on the beach of an unfamiliar, uncharted island. Michael was already awake, looking off Northwards.
“Urgh…” He rubs his head, tugging at his shirt. “Brooke… where’s her family? They alright?”
When Michael simply responded with silence, Jaco assumed the worst, hanging his head in sad silence for a moment.
“I see… And my bass is missing too! Even after Randy got me that nice roomy bag for it!”
Michael, as should be expected, continued to say nothing, simply turning and seeing four identical bags wash up on the shore. Before Jaco could run over to grab at them, however, he was shocked into stopping by his +1 opening his mouth. “Don’t rush ahead. Those ‘other users’ are here too.”
“Are they now? Well, all due respect to Brooke, and I ain’t normally the type to start a fight, but… Well, man, I wanna give that Fabian guy and his pal a piece of my mind!”
Michael nods in response, clearly having similar sentiments.
“My clothes are all wet.”
“I mean… Yes, Fabian, we were washed overboard by-” Stu covers his eyes. “Seriously? C’mon, man, I just told you those other friends of Brooke’s were on the island. They probably had something to do with-”
Posing aggressively in his speedo and sunglasses, pants and vest cast out into the water, Fabian looks Stu directly in the eyes, intimidating him into silence as his body radiates against the island’s sand. “All the better, then. I have… Unfinished business with one of them.”
Stu really, really didn’t like the way he said that. “That volcano over there looks ready to blow, we really shouldn’t be wasting any-”
“It won’t be what ends up firing off all over them, that much is for certain.” Fabian flexes some more, frowning and taking this more seriously than he would admit. “Come, let’s beat them into submission for daring to refuse me.”
“Fine, but I’m absolutely not doing this for you.” Stu genuinely planned on giving it his all against his opponents, but he was also genuinely considering killing them just to spite his partner.
Location: An unnamed, uncharted island which you assume is somewhere off the coast of Namibia. The island is circular and 800 meter in diameter. The outermost 100 meters are a mostly pristine-looking beach, while the rest is a not very dense palm-tree forest, with various unusually neat dirt paths marked in orange. There are some notable landmarks, as seen on the map. The teams are about 700 meters from each other. Honestly, though, every single measurement is only what your team estimates it to be roughly, and everything about this place feels off.
Poorly drawn map here. It should get the job done well enough for the match, though.
Cargo: Brown dots on west north west and southwest - Contains various sized kitchen knives, all very shiny and appearing to be made of sharpened, colorful plastic. Each is somewhere around the ballpark of 50 meters away from their chosen opponent where directed.
Luggage Bags: Four of them, all identical, have washed up where marked on the map, several hundred meters away from both teams. These were provided as tokens of friendship by the now missing-in-action Elliot family as gifts to all of you. While before each had a tag with the owner’s name on them, those appear to have been lost in the tide, so the outsides of the bags all appear identical. Inside is everything in one character’s inventory.
River: Separating the beach and forest sections of the island is a river only about ten meters wide, and then leading out into the ocean. The volcano will empty into this and miss the beach entirely.
Ruined tower : Center, past the volcano zone - Tall, but easy enough to climb, and a distinctive but hard to identify stonelike material. Two hundred meters high. There’s a large hole in the wall on the east side starting about three meters up and five meters wide that extends all the way up to the top of the structure, and a spiral staircase extends all the way over to an observation deck the top, at which is an old pair of binoculars. The tower seems highly resistant to lava once it starts flowing, but that isn’t to say that the entire area is indestructible if you’re not careful. It had to have been banged up somehow, after all.
Volcano - Center east. : It is a seemingly-dormant “shield” style volcano, standing about 500 meters above the sea level. Pink area.
The Good Vibrations start in the far Northeast. Ultraviolet Underground starts in the far south.
To prevent you from just running around, there are gonna be hazards. In three minutes high tide rolls in, covering the beach with water. This will wash away the cargo if you don’t reach it. In ten minutes the volcano will erupt, running the risk of killing everyone who ends up running afoul of the running lava (stands will be unaffected, under most conditions), which will continue until it runs off into the river and ocean. Even after eruption, the area will continue to be a smoldering wasteland full of lava paths, making it unsafe to enter. The orange paths denote where the lava will flow through.
Goal: RETIRE your opponents, plain and simple. While, thankfully, your clothes survived being thrown overboard, all your items were in luggage bags, so you’ll need to find those again before you can use any of your equipment.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Good Vibrations John ‘Jaco’ Pastorius “I’m gonna blow the whole world away!” Birdland has three distinct abilities. Find a worthwhile, creative usage for all three of them!
Good Vibrations Michael Mclane “Go down two steps and I’ll let you join my side again. But if you’d rather die, then climb these stairs.” Take control of the tower by the end of the fight!
Ultraviolet Underground Fabian Gibson “Once he comes face to face with ‘Surface,’ he’s going to get manipulated by it!” Take control of every other stand user here at least once, and make such an action worthwhile! (Judges’ note: please keep it PG-13 at worst. We will frown upon certain actions that probably shouldn’t need to be said)
Ultraviolet Underground Stu Steel E. “"Or is it that in your heart, you know you must climb up, but you're so afraid that your body did the opposite and went down?"” Take control of the tower by the end of the fight!
Spectators, if you would like to get first-hand news about the tournament and interact with the tournament community, please PM a member of our Judge staff to receive an invite to the Official Tournament Discord Server.
Link to the player table
Match Number Player Count Objective/Deathmatch PlayeTeam 1 PlayeTeam 2 Stage Description Date
Match 1 1v1 Deathmatch Clarence Creedwater Felix Arrowsmith Just make sure the ice doesn’t crack beneath you… Jan. 4th
Match 2 1v1 Objective Lucil Caravan Buffalo Soldier There’s a fox on the run… And you’ve got to catch it! Jan. 6th
Match 3 2v2 Deathmatch Blake Falstaff, Mr. Moon, and Bas Haze Marco F. Caine and Geoff Wetton Visibility is low, and it’s cold as hell… This is the tundra, I guess. Jan. 8th
Match 4 1v1 Objective Blue Monday ‘Crowbar’ Jackson $500, three hours, and an underground casino. Get as rich as you can! Jan. 10th
Match 5 1v1 Deathmatch ‘Lazarus’ Judas Saxon This coaster is pretty rickety… Hopefully it’ll last the fight! Jan. 12th
Match 6 2v2 Objective Simon ‘Jack’ Rodgers and Basilio Goltero Santos Sarah ‘Stratovarius’ Williams and Kent Jerrod Moore You have to stop your train from crashing! Wait, there are robbers too?! Jan. 14th
Match 7 1v1 Deathmatch Dragomir Mrovich Stephen ‘Steppy’ Morris Bumper cars are lonely with two people… But they’re perfect with just one! Jan. 16th
Match 8 2v1 Boss Match Tsao Xu Dr. Jekyll A homeless army, and their loathsome king... Jan. 18th
Match 9 2v2 Deathmatch Nick Mason and Eleanor Rigby ‘Mute’ (River Eiselidge) and Baron Mordechai A nice pleasant cruise… Except for two small problems…! Jan. 20th
Match 10 1v1 Deathmatch ‘Monster’ Seido Shuto There should be a base up in these mountains… But there shouldn’t be another climber! Time to fix that. Jan. 22nd
Match 11 1v1 Objective Rory Raccoon Grace Vincent Two intruders, waging a quiet war in a top secret base. Jan. 24th
Match 12 2v2 Deathmatch Stu Steel E. and Fabian Gibson John ‘Jaco’ Pastorius and Michael McClane Hopefully there’ll be something to find on this island… Besides the shipwreck survivors, I mean. Jan. 26th
Match 13 1v1 Objective Anna Rose Ken Nard … It’s time to slam now! Jan. 28th
Match 14 1v1 Deathmatch Bremen Mary Ann You don’t have to be faster than the swarm… You only have to be faster than the other guy! Jan. 30th
Match 15 2v2 Objective MAKS_13 and Manny Elflad Bond Jovi and Crispin Freeman A Stand-Using robber has set a bomb in the mall! Make sure it doesn’t go off. Feb. 1st
Match 16 2v1 Boss Match Gregor Yuvecksky Lance Fight for your life in an abandoned cathedral! Feb. 3rd
Match 17 1v1 Deathmatch Henry Jenkins Akiyoshi ‘Aki’ Yamamato The ground far beneath you, the wind in your hair… There’s nothing quite like bungee jumping. Feb. 5th
Match 18 2v2 Objective Thela Hun Ginjeet and Soichi Utsumi) Roger Waters and Donatello Blackwell ‘Row’ as in ‘rowboats’, obviously. What did you think I meant? Feb. 7th
Match 19 1v1 Objective Damon Aurel Ivan Abaduboi A rural English town hit with a nasty… Rainstorm?! Feb. 9th
Match 20 1v1 Deathmatch Jim Ledbetter Johnny Leever Two truck drivers racing down the highway, while the stowaways have a battle of their own! Feb. 11th
Match 21 2v2 Objective Miras Atrium and Henry Walshman Amaki Castillo and Ortaz Ivanov An erupting volcano, and a straight path down… Time to run! Feb. 13th
Match 22 1v1 Deathmatch Furo Raida Daniel Cali Two foes duke it out on a fishing boat, assaulted by the weather! Feb. 15th
Match 23 1v1 Objective Tyler Bonnie Chloe Jay, Chloe Kay, and Chloe Elle Don’t worry, buddy. Prisoners stick together. I’ll protect you, no matter what! Feb. 17th
Match 24 2v2 Deathmatch Russ Teneo and Jules Langlias Henry Muller and Qiao Si Zhou Four Stand Users, two cars, and an empty highway... Feb. 19th
submitted by VforVanarchy to StardustCrusaders [link] [comments]

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